5 Popular Kitchen Counter Tops

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Counter shirts play a important role in establishing the mood in a kitchen. Additionally they also have a practical role to perform as they function as a acceptable worktop for the cooking, baking, prepping, and other demands. These work surfaces in the kitchen could be produced out of many substances. Every one of these works for distinct interior configurations, and contains its own set of advantages and pitfalls. Here’s a glance at 5 hot selections for kitchen counter tops.

• Granite

Granite is perhaps the most frequently used substances for kitchen counter tops. This mottled look of granite shows a gorgeous array of colours and designs which functions just fine conventional and transitional topics. Each piece of granite is exceptional, and that means you also bring within this exclusivity for your kitchen when you elect for this particular material. Furthermore, splashes, nicks, cuts, and heat marks etc., don’t appear on these surfaces, and therefore, wear and tear will be not as observable on granite counter tops. On the downside, granite has to be sealed well to prevent stains. The substance is also very heavy, so that it may simply be fitted over cupboards which are strong and sturdy.


Granite is a substance that feels and looks wealthy in almost any interior setting. Its luminescent surface and one of a kind veining make it an unmatched option for traditional homes. But, marble kinds stains readily, even if sealed. In addition, it creates chips and cracks easily. Consequently, it becomes much less practical to utilize marble through the kitchen counter top – Many house owners confine the usage of marble into a restricted distance.

• Zinc

This metal that’s observed in commercial kitchen is now a popular in homes too. This classic material is a great choice for people who adore metallic counter tops. The substance can be malleable, which makes it a wonderful choice for detailing. The anti inflammatory attributes of Zinc also increase the appeal of the metal in kitchen work surfaces. Zinc may also be washed readily with just a swipe of a cleansing cloth and mild liquid. The alloy however, is pricey. It develops heat and scratches marks easily, which may spoil the overall look of the counter top. Acids and fluids may also react with the surface and render undesirable marks onto the worktop.


Laminate counter tops are made out of a mix of newspaper, resins, and particle boards substituted to one another. It’s been a favorite choice for decades, too owing to its substantially lower price. Laminate counter tops now are as trendy as work surfaces created from any other substance. Many enhanced designs mimic real stone, wood, and other costly materials, but may be fitted in a fraction of the expense of the first. On the flip side, this substance is more prone to scratches, burns, and some sort of stains. Additionally, the coating that produce the laminate may peel over time and use. Laminates also do not work with under mount sink, also can be hard to fix or replace if broken.

Granite counter tops tops are a timeless addition to kitchen spaces. They always keep their freshness, and are perfect for country, rustic, and cabin styled flats. The natural and warm texture of wood tones is inviting in kitchen spaces. It may also crack or twist if not treated correctly. The block also should be oiled to fill in scrapes, and also to maintain the counter very well shielded.