Network Marketing Programs – What ‘s the Difference ?


So if you’re evaluating and trying to decide which type of network advertising program is ideal for you, what parameters should you consider?

It may be confusing, since there are thousands of different businesses out there promoting a variety of types of merchandise and solutions through network marketing, now. And, each of them will inform you that their opportunity is, “the best thing since sliced bread.”

Here is the most important thing, guys.

As confusing as it is to the ordinary person, there are really three distinct types or groups of network marketing programs out there… ones which sell commodities. Ones that sell high ticket items and also ones that sell consumable products (these are usually nutritional or skincare products).

Let’s look at the upsides or downsides of each, here. Incidentally, these are my remarks, based on my experiences, after being in the market for over 27 decades. If you don’t agree, that is fine.

1st) The Commodities

  • These are the discounted long distance and mobile phone services… discounted purchasing clubs and catalog buying programs… discounted silver or metals and discounted energy, like gas and electricity.
  • If these appeal to you, do it. Personally, I don’t see anything unique inside them and I have avoided these for a couple of key factors.
  • First of all of the spread is too small. In order to produce a residual six figure income, then you must have literally thousands of customers signed up in your network marketing downline and customer base. Most people who try these apps never get there, so that they quit.
    Second of all as I said above, there isn’t anything unique about what you are providing except a less expensive price, usually. You’re asking people to switch to save money on their bills or simply to do you a favor. Guess what happens when a competitor comes and provides a much cheaper price for the same support. You have got it. Your earnings disappears! Plus, it’s hard for me to find passionate about selling a price sensitive product which individuals can get almost anywhere.

2nd) The High Ticket Sales

  • These are the discount travel memberships and financial education courses that could cost anywhere from $400 on up to in excess of $30,000.
  • Sure, you create a good fat commission if you can get people to part with their hard-earned money in this market, but good luck.
  • Plus, we are not in this for one time commissions we would like to construct repeat, continuing residual weekly income that starts out small, but develops into tens of thousands of dollars per week.
  • This is walk away income… income you can pass on to your heirs.

3rd) Consumable Nutritional and Skin Care Products

  • The very best method to create this kind of income is using all the consumable nutritional and skin care products network marketing model.
  • Here, you build it once and get paid for years to come.
  • And the best way to locate a life changing product in a network marketing program that people will want to consume and buy more of each and every month is to check in the weight loss, supplements or skincare product stadium.
  • Again, this was my experience. It’s okay if your hunches direct you down a different path.
  • In this type of network promotion, the power really comes when someone finds a unique consumable service or product and experiences such a private life changing transformation that they determine they cannot live without it.
  • So, they reorder it each and every month and obviously refer or tell others about it.
  • Perhaps they decide to take it for the remainder of their lives. Now you’re really in the ideal place at the right moment.
  • Alright, let’s take it one step farther and state that the manufacturer has produced a means to handsomely compensate you not only on the earnings of the customers you have referred but also on the sales of their clients your customers refer and their customers refer and so on and so forth.
  • Now you’ve located a good network marketing program that can pay you continuing residual income.
  • Last, locate a pay plan that rewards not only the heavy hitters, but in addition the typical part-time associate.
  • The more people you have which make cash in your business, the longer your residual income will cover you.
  • Studies have been done and show that the average person involved in a referral marketing business refers around 2 people, no longer and they fail and usually quit.
  • For this reason, I personally enjoy the Best typing programs with binary compensation plans, the maximum.
  • By just by speaking 2 people who also refer 2 people who also refer two people and so on down deeply, you may earn a fortune each and every week.
  • This business has been very good to Jeanette and me.

We have seen a lot of strategies, but some of them are far stronger than others, in order to search and determine what is the best sort of network marketing program for you, try to find a pay plan that rewards and attracts the industry heavy hitters, but is still doable for the average individual.