5 Reasons Why Your Music Blog Gets No Hits

Should you speak to any music marketing guru in the moment they all appear to agree that blogging is now a very important step in your road to world domination. But I think there is a lot of confusion out there amongst musicians about the reason why they should actually take the opportunity to establish a site in the first location.

In a short post another day I laid out the main reasons why DIY musicians should be blogging.

A blog helps build your own brand and lets people know what you stand for.

It gives a platform on which your supporters can comment and include their own opinion that’s essential for building a proper tribe.

The last and most important point is, if your blog about Ghana entertainment and music that your potential fans might be into, it may bring a steady stream of new people to your website.

If the main reason to blog is to receive hits you might be asking why your own blog is simply getting 4 visits every day?

Check out the five points below and ensure your blog comes up to scratch.

1. Your Songs are not connecting with folks yet

You have probably heard me say this before but as a DIY musician it’s your job to concentrate 80 percent of your efforts on writing good music then use a simple system of steps to get it out to the fans as quickly as possible.

Once your music reaches the tipping level of caliber, your fans begin to promote and disperse it for youpersonally, and you’ll understand your hits going up mechanically.

So if your blog is not getting a lot of traffic the level of your articles or your songs haven’t reached that stage yet.

Keep at it and receive your 10,000 hours . (Malcolm Gladwell states that 10,000 is the price you need to cover to be regarded as a genius. Consider that the Beatles playing 8 hours a day at Hamburg.)

2. Google doesn’t love you

The excellent thing about a website is that it is already set up to be Google friendly, however if you’re only blogging about whatever pops into your head it’s difficult to get Google to send you a great deal of traffic.

So from now on you want to base a number of your articles around low rivalry phrases that music lovers are already typing into Google.

For this you can use the Google keyword tool, and you ought to attempt to locate phrases which have three of four words in them because they will be easier to rank for. See my podcast for how to do this.

3. Are you a music promotion junkie?

A lot of people don’t get hits to their blog because they spend too much time attempting to learn everything they can about music advertising before they begin.

So keep in mind that you’re simply going to develop new lovers if your log in your site and produce a thoughtful article.

There is such a thing as over preparation – make sure you’re getting to the point of really submitting.