America’s Famous Music Clubs and Venues

The usa is a goldmine for musicians; music clubs & places are located all across the country, in every major city and in every single small suburb. With such a wide choice of venues to help showcase your original material, it can be daunting the get the perfect club or room to bring your band in addition to woo the audience. The following venues are some of the most well known and well-known of music venues in the country and highlight a broad range of styles of every musician to have his/her spot.

The first off on the list is obviously the Rainbow Bar plus Grill. Located on the famous Sunset Strip Boulevard, steps far from the Whiskey A Go Go and the Viper Room, the very Rainbow is West Hollywood’s most renowned music club. Recognized for years of abuse and rock and roll lifestyle in the 80’s, the Rainbow is now a tamer venue, with a selection of themed nights and performance opportunity for local and visiting functions. Feature your band and your own music in the very same establishment that has seen the worst of Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin as well as other rock royalties by booking a gig at the Offers a Bar and Grill!

Next on the list is New York’s very own Bowery Ballroom, one of the most comfortable acro σαμπανης to play around the east coast. Unlike the cramped style of many other audio venues, the Bowery Ballroom is calmer and the viewers never finds itself elbowing each other all night long. The Bowery is renowned to book the finest artists and bands in the local scene and has seen the likes of many now well-known American musicians. Come experience a different sound and atmosphere inside the heart of the Big Apple.

For the indie lovers, look no further than the planet Café Live in Philadelphia. This venue is well-known that will feature the best of the indie scene in a relaxed design and ambiance. Known for showcasing new talents, this place is perfect to discover and be discovered. Philadelphia’s best kept secret undoubtedly is the musical creativity brewing at the World Café Stay.

Finally to close this select list, the last feature will be Tipitinas, the heart of the New Orleansmusic community. Located in the main country’s hub for jazz and blues music, Tipitinas showcases artists many times a week and even feature its personal walk of fame on the sidewalk on the side of the pub. Come hear Louisiana’s best musical legends or reveal the stage with another rising star at this extremely unique music venue.

Whatever music style you like to notice or like to play, there is a club venue suited simply for you. Expand your musical horizons or scope the audience and the market by stopping by one of these great site one night; your name might appear on the marquis in the near future!