Google Analytics – 5 Ways to Find Your Keywords

Have you ever thought about how to find your Google ranking? If you are not on Google page one or two, finding your site can look like a very long process if you are clicking on the search results page by page. Listed below are 5 easier ways to locate your Google rank.

1) Google Webmaster Tools

The quickest and simplest way is to set up a free Google Webmaster tools accounts. As soon as your account is set up, log into Google and click Webmaster Tools in the Google Dashboard. From the left menu, then click “Your Site On the Web.” The “Search Queries” link will show you quite a long long list of keywords that people are really discovering you for, together with your current Google ranking. The “Keywords” link will provide you some insight to how Google interprets your content.

Proceed to Google and click the advanced search link below the search button. Set the preferences to show 100 results instead of 10. Type your key words to the very first line and click on the advanced search button. If you are not in the first 100 results, click to another page and question the next 100. While this is sometimes somewhat tedious if you are searching many key phrases, it is a great way to double check the outcomes of using automated tools.

Websites like and enable you to type in your domain and a keyword, and watch your Google rankings appear in your browser window. These tools are fantastic for a fast online check if you are just watching progress on a few keywords. As soon as you find your website google position checker for a specific keyword, you may choose to verify the ranking using Google Advanced Search.

4) Desktop Apps

There are lots of desktop software that will query search engines from a software interface. Few are free and a lot of the great ones aren’t inexpensive and used primarily by search engine optimizers. If you are only watching a few keywords or not too many sites, you might find SERPs Finder (just Google it) to be a handy little tool. You’ll like the Purchase Price. It is free. Again, I’d suggest double checking using advanced search.

5) SEO Software

Search engine optimization programs like Internet Business Promoter (IBP) will query search engines for you and show you your positions. The fantastic news is that you can find a free version. The good thing is that free versions are usually restricted and only reveal to you the first couple of pages of results. Consequently, if you don’t have high rankings, you will want the paid version ($99+ for most SEO software) for deeper queries.