Opening Your Third Eye Through Meditation

Ahead of we can even begin a discussion on opening the third observation through meditation or any other means, we must first specify what we mean when we speak of the third eye.

Too many new-age “gurus” and “experts” these days speak of mysticism and spiritual concepts as if they have no grounding in scientific assumed and logical reasoning. Yes, the logical mind can only take us so far in our understanding of ourselves and the entire world around us, but that doesn’t mean we should allow each of our minds to venture into the clouds without first obtaining our feet firmly planted on the ground.

My teachings can be a fusion of scientific study and spiritual insight. After all, i was created with the left hemisphere of the brain for sensible reasoning and the right hemisphere for creativity and sentiment, but all too often people develop only one or the other, growing to be lop-sided in their development as either fundamentalist materialists or maybe, at the opposite extreme, fundamentalist believers in the vague as well as unknowable.

So the first step I must help any new scholar take is to allow yourself to relax into the possibility in which true understanding and true growth can only occur through equal and balanced input from both sides of the head: the logical side and the creative side.

Now what Need to say will begin to make sense to you as you realize that every religious concept must be defined simultaneously by its tangible, actual expression as well as its higher, nonphysical expression.

So when many of us speak of chakras we are speaking first of the various clusters involving nerves in the body which control their corresponding bodily functions and also movements. Secondly, we are speaking of the energy conduits that be connected the physical body with the higher, more subtle etheric and mental bodies.

The seven primary chakras because they are commonly defined begin at the base of the spine along with rise to the top of the head. Activation of any one of these with out first sequentially activating and cleansing the ones below it can result in an influx of energy that can short-circuit the lower chakras, which aren’t ready to process the higher energy. The third eyeball, being second from the top, should not even be approached until eventually one has their entire system running smoothly.

So before establishing any meditation designed to open the third eye activation, you must objectively and honestly assess your current progress at each of the past levels.

Root Chakra

Are you physically healthy and in quality shape? Do you have a healthy control over your body? If not, launching the third eye can devastate the body as it is flooded utilizing energy it can’t possibly put to good use.

Sacral Chakra

How is your emotional relationship with yourself? Any neuroses you haven’t dealt with can quickly become severe depression as soon as the third eye is opened.

Navel Chakra

How effectively do you get along with others? Any blockages here will become crooked paranoia and anti-social tendencies with a bent towards command and domination.

Heart Chakra

Be honest now. Is your cognition fully awakened and developed to the point that it dictates each thought and action? If not, any psychic abilities anyone manage to awaken might end up being used for self-gain, causing ache to others.

Throat Chakra

Have you developed your esprit sufficiently through study and critical thought that just about any psychic insights you begin to receive will be translated in your mind straight into useful thoughts and ideas, rather than flights of nice that land you in the nut-house?

Some believe that a lot of forms of schizophrenia are the result of premature activation of psychic abilities. My experience with many cases leads me for you to agree.

If you honestly feel that you’ve prepared yourself plenty of to proceed, then you must find a teacher who can assist you through the next stages. Specific techniques for third eye account activation are far beyond the scope of a single write-up.