Rice Cooker Buying Guide

Selecting the most appropriate type of rice cooker can be a very daunting task. From pupils who want an inexpensive food option to a parent that would like an option to have the ability to cook enough rice for the entire family the ideal sort of rice cooker is a fantastic advantage. Modern cookers are made with many more attributes today than in the past and this can intimidate many men and women who are not familiar with using them.

So how do you select which rice cooker could be perfect for you? Or will suit your needs? Listed below are a several factors you should bear in mind while buying a cooker.

The Budget

Price is a huge element in any purchase and the general consensus is that the more expensive the version the more attributes the rice cooker will comprise. Fortunately most are not as costly as you might think. The very first point to remember is how frequently you consume rice. They are rather small appliances and don’t require much room but if you do not eat rice which frequently you probably should not look for a high end model. On the other hand if you do eat frequently it probably is a good idea to spend a little more money and find a reliable model. Currently the best models are made in Japan and specifically Zojirushi are definitely the most popular and have the highest rating among customers.

Whether you’re considering cooking dinner for yourself or a group people you should plan how much rice you want. Rice cooker size or label by the amount of rice they could cook in a single sitting. A fantastic point to keep in mind is 1 cup of raw rice equals to approximately 2 cups cooked along with the cup dimensions in rice cooker manufacturers California are a lot smaller compared to their American versions. Many people might say that cooking little bit of rice in a big rice cooker leaves the rice not taste as good and I would likely say they do not know what they’re talking about. As you stay within the suggested water to rice ratio afterward most of the time you will wind up with a few tasty rice. The only distinction is price as a more compact cooker will probably cost less and must be considered if you do not cook for a large number of people. A large is more costly and will use more electricity but will provide you the flexibility to cook for a big group is you so choose.

Delayed timers are probably the most convenient function on modern rice cookers. It allows you to specify a period of the day or hours beforehand to have the rice start cooking. This is the best solution to anybody that is busy or even for just a matter of saving time. All you need to do is prepare the rice beforehand and place it at the inner pan and then decide on a time daily and you may have a healthy ready meal awaiting you once you wake up in the morning or when you come home from work. This attribute does cost more but there many rice cookers from the 100 or over range that currently have this feature included so that this not something that is going to be out of their budget for the majority of consumers.


There really isn’t exact choice when it comes right down to choosing the proper cooker for you. There are couple of things to keep in mind though and the very first is your finances, how many people you are cooking for and which sort of features you feel you want. The last thing to keep in mind though a rice cooker can save you a lot of money in the future and is a really healthy alternative to eating and is perfect for gluten free option as well.