Solvent New II Offers Advantages That Other Industrial Cleaners Don’t

In years past, the only concern with an industrial cleaner has been whether or not it performed correctly. But now, EPA regulations mean that many companies must find cleaners which are environmentally safer than traditional cleaners. Because EPA regulations regularly cause the cancellation of hazardous solvents, firms are wise to look for an alternative to their conventional parts cleaners prior to legislation puts them in the position of instantly finding a new solvent that performs as well as the old one. To avert this situation, more firms are shifting the environmentally favorite parts cleaner, Solvent New II, formally called MIL-PRF 680 Type II Degreaser Cleaner for Solvent Parts Washers. Below, we list three benefits that Solvent New II has over conventional parts cleaners.

Contains No Water

Solvent New II contains no water and is used undiluted, which makes it ideal for Ĩistilni stroji apparatuses. Conventional parts cleaners which contain water have a reputation for leaking into electrical housing and causing components to rust form the inside out. But waterless Solvent New II stays on the outside of electric housing, lengthening the life span of the electrical parts it cleans. Because the purpose of keeping electrical parts would be to lengthen their lifestyle as far as possible, deciding on a waterless cleaner is the sensible option.

Fully Evaporative, Leaving no Residue

Like solvents that contain water, solvents that leave residues can prove to be fatal to the lifespan of specific machine parts, particularly those that work in tandem with other parts. Furthermore, New Solvent II’s evaporative quality implies that slippery residues that could cause workplace injuries and suits will never be left on work floors. By buying a parts cleaner that leaves no residue, you can protect your machines, your employees and your company’s finances at the exact same time.

Contains no Hazardous Ingredients as Defined by the EPA

Choosing a solvent that contains no hazardous ingredients based on the EPA is key to choosing a solvent which will not be discontinued due to EPA regulations. But deciding on a non-hazardous solvent may also protect companies financially. Every year, a lot of lawsuits are brought against companies by employees claiming ill health because of toxic exposure, with many of them being effective in court and costing their former employer millions of dollars in settlements or jury awards. To protect your workers from toxic exposure your company from paying out large sums of money, using solvents that contain no toxic ingredients according to EPA regulations is safest choice.