Third Eye Meditation and the Pineal Gland

Do you need to open and activate your third eye chakra? Then this article may interest you.

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra, or the ajna chakra, is each of our sixth chakra and is located in the middle of the forehead only between the eyebrows. This chakra (and the crown chakra) is connected to our spirituality. It has the colour indigo or even purple, which is a good thing to remember when working on opening the idea, as using colours in your meditation can be a great way to make the meditation stronger and more visual. The third eye is the spot for many different qualities such as intuition, spirituality, awareness, contemplating clearly, getting ideas and psychic abilities.

Just like any chakra in your body, your third eye can be closed or perhaps unbalanced which can lead to a feeling of confusion, feeling disconnected towards your spiritual part of you, feeling lost and having difficulties determing the best path, being unable to see things clearly, panic, depression, etc .

How to Open the Third Eye Chakra?

So to reopen or maybe rebalance your 3rd eye activation you can practice third vision meditation, where you will heal and activate your chakra. But since this chakra is one of the more mystical ones and there are a whole lot about it that we do not understand, you should not play around with third eye lids chakra techniques, as some people have had quite strong experiences by it, such as being able to see things (perhaps spiritual entities) using either your physical eyes or minds eye, reading things and sensing things. So before you decide whether or not you wish to open your third eye, you should really do some more study on the topic and get as much knowledge as possible. But mastering is a good thing, and just be thinking about your third observation and focusing on it, it will gradually be activated.

Another eye is connected to the pineal gland, which is a small hic in the middle of our brain and is controlled and activated by simply light. Even though scientists do not know much about this small lien it is considered by many to be a very powerful part cause of spiritual energy and the key to developing psychic abilities. May be that when the pineal gland is activated it will match the spiritual dimension through our third eye and even crown chakra. Through meditation we will be able to create a intervalle that will allow us to connect with our spiritual side and cósmico body.

Third Eye Meditation

There are many different techniques to activate together with open your third eye. You can perform a chanting yoga which will help you create a vibration that can stimulate your chakra and and thus open it. But you do not need to chant, but instead you can try a third eyeball breathing exercise, where you will breathe through your chakra with an indigo coloured wind, which will turn your focus and electricity to that area, which will stimulate it. But no matter which strategy you use, you should remember to keep a positive mind and consider love and kindness. It is also important that you remember to relax in the meditation, or else you will just end up with a headache certainly nothing more. But take some time to really learn about it before you start doing third eye meditation.