Top Wine Tasting Destinations

One of several top destinations for wine tasting in Bulgaria could be the Starosel Villa famous for its sheer land of grape vines. It also holds the wine reserves for some of the most renowned Bulgarian stars down below in cool atmosphere of their catacombs. It is also where the wine tasting happens. The whole expedition starts from the distilation room where large canisters course of action the grapes and turn them into a fine liquefied that is afterwards consumed in a cool environment. The testing usually starts with a very pleasant white wine preference and moves to Rose and then a heavy Red wine that allows you to indulge in the sweet taste of fine grapes refined for your pleasure. It is an extraordinary villa in itself. It has a amazing outdoor pool with sunbeds and is a 4 legend hotel that is almost always prebooked and full before the summer time. It is an all year-round destination but if you visit it in the summer it will be good to visit the Starosel monasteries in which spread across the top hills of the plateau and disclose a marvelous view of the valley.

Another top place to go for wine lovers in Bulgaria is Melnik. It is the smallest village in Bulgaria but it’s far from uninteresting. There are lots of monastery ruins nearby, as well as the famous Melnik Wine produce which you could enjoy beautiful wines for a small fee. The range again is just like Starosel, it starts from an easy white wine the idea goes to rose and then finishes off with a heavy dark gin tasting Poole  that leaves a lasting taste in your mouth. The Melnik wine are specific due to the fact that most of them are hand made, at least the actual I tried where terrific and you can feel the personal touching in each one of them. Based on a timeless tradition of wine beverage making that has been passed down to families who live in typically the village, it has created an authentic taste and has definitely got into my top 2 list of best wines I have at any time tasted, probably only latter to a winery I stopped at in Tuscany, Italy in the small village of San Gimigniano. Boy, was that godlike… Anyway, best way to begin Melnik is rent-a-car but there are regular buses offering the village as well.

Sofia is a popular wine tasting spot too. For just 400 leva you can enjoy more than twelve different wine tastings over 3 days and abandon your taste buds satisfied for months. The capital offers a variety of intriguing wine cellars such as Vestibul and The Home of Wine beverage that offer a range of wines, each specific to its developer. It is a thrilling experience for wine loves. The tastings are always accompanied by cheese and bites and some grapes along with bread slices to provide a better experience.