Why Eat Street Food in New York? TOP 10 Popular Fast Food Trucks!





Traveling to New York is very adventurous! You can go everywhere and see as much as you can. The city is huge, so you can use car rental in JFK Airport in New York to feel free to travel all over the city. Of course, you often feel hungry. New York is very atmospheric place and street food is needed to try. This is what the real people actually eat, plus it is really on budget.

Speaking about the street food, you think of hot dog, don’t you? The times change. Street food in New York is mostly represented by traditional hot-dogs and sandwiches, food tracks with pizza, burrito, and other bright samples of Mexican, Chinese, and traditional American cuisine. New Yorkers like eating on the go. Here are few tips about where you can find the tastiest food in New York and which of them are worth trying. So, let’s go out the street and check them all! It is better to go out on an empty stomach.

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Coffee Truck

Coffee is a beginning of your day. This is the most important meal for all New Yorkers. The most popular coffee spot on Wall Street is a bright orange coffee truck. It offers a hot and cold coffee for all who work in the main financial district of the capital. Hot double espresso brings you back to life and icy coffee is needed on a hot day.

Cinnamon Snail

Of course, coffee is not enough to feel good to the end of the day. You should come to Cinnamon Snail for dinner or even for breakfast. You can find it on the corner of 7th and 33th streets. It is better to check location on your phone. The menu is different but the most popular food you MUST TRY from this truck is donuts menu. There is also a big choice of vegetarian food sets.

Duende 50


Red Hook Lobster Pound

If you like seafood but consider it wasting your budget, welcome to the Lobster Pound. This is the cheapest variant of the street sea food. They serve the tastiest lobsters and shrinks. Red Hook Trucks are located in Manhattan and around. It is considered to be the best food truck in the USA.

Halal Guys

There are many halal trucks in New York and the most popular of them is Halal Guys. You don’t even need Google Maps to find those Guys in New York. They can boast the longest line or bright red and yellow umbrellas around. The food is served wrapped in kebab or traditionally in a bowl. Halal Guys trucks are often met in the city.

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Soup is very popular in New York, especially in a cold weather. On the corner of 45th and 5-6 avenue you can find а unique truck where you can eat soup for dinner. The price for it will be about $6. Soup Cart is the first place where people used to come every time the winter is coming.

People’s Pops

You don’t want to eat soup on a hot summer dy. There is another variant that you will love. People’s Pops is the best help for summer. The tastes are often changing adding more and more interesting culinary solutions. Honestly, the food here is too good to eat!

Biriyani Cart

New York is a popular city. The brightest exotic representatives are Indian. If you like curry, you should come to Biryani Cart one day. It is located on Manhattan. Your meal will cost you no more than $5.

New York Food Truck



As you know, America neighbors with Mexico. That’s why you can find the brightest samples of Mexican cuisine here. If you don’t like taco, try something else, like carne asada for $4. Calexico truck is not the most popular food trucks in the world, but atmospheric one.


If you like burrito, welcome to Korilla. This is the best place to have Korean fusion for lunch. Actually, this is a mix of different cuisines and cooking styles. The most popular are taco and burrito. Walking down the street, you shouldn’t pass by. The spicy East aromas will take you to the right place to try everything they offer. If you want, you can make a mix of dishes to have something the most special.

Heaven in a bowl


Souvlaki GR

There are only two trucks from Souvlaki in New York. This is a legendary name that serves Greek food on Manhattan. Of course, you can visit any of those numerous city restaurants that offer Greek cuisine. Souvlaki truck is the first and only one fast food Greek sport here. It sells fries with fetta –a mouthwatering dish. Just check their location in your mobile app.

As you can see, New York is a unique mix of different cuisines. You can find Greek, Asian, and Mexican dishes here. If you are not going to visit lux restaurants to try lobsters or taco, pay attention to fast food spots. The quality of food is excellent and it is not expensive. Take much from your outdoor dinner in New York!